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Swartz Law provides a full range of employment law services to employees and small businesses in Boston and throughout Massachusetts. We also act as attorney and advisor for startups and small business owners in matters of contract formation and legal compliance. Every client and every legal matter is important to us and receives personalized attention.

We are dedicated to helping employees make sense of labor laws and protect workers from being mistreated by employers, taken advantage of, or wronged in any way. We can also help companies with business formation, regulation compliance, legal paperwork, and other business law matters. We have an employment lawyer and business lawyer you can trust, and we are defenders of workers’ rights and care about the legal needs of small business owners.

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Are You an Employee?

Having problems at work? Need help figuring out what to do or bringing a claim? We represent employees in a wide variety of workplace claims, including discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation, unpaid wages and commissions, medical and disability issues, whistleblowing, wrongful termination, non-competes, and other tort and contract claims. Click here to learn more about the workplace claims we handle and how we can help you.

Are You a Business?

Startups and other small businesses have many of the same legal issues and compliance obligations as larger companies. Swartz Law caters to the needs of emerging and established small businesses. We can arm you with strong contracts, ensure you are complying with the vast array of employment laws, and advise you on the legal impact of business decisions. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help secure and advance your business.

Fixed Fee Legal Services

Need one-time legal advice? Review of a separation agreement? A standard business or employment contract? If you are looking to keep your costs down but want the piece of mind that comes with a qualified attorney drafting and reviewing your documents, fixed fee services may be right for you. Click here to learn more about the fixed fee legal services we offer. The legal industry is changing and we are on top of it.

A Dependable Business & Employment Lawyer. Legal Advice You Can Trust.

Workers have rights when it comes to fair employment and fair compensation; otherwise, employers could treat workers poorly, pay them unfairly, and deny them benefits they may be entitled to. Employers also have rights, and an employment lawyer can help you understand your rights when it comes to the workplace.

For example, if you are a worker who has been discriminated against in the workplace, you have recourse under the law. If you are a worker who was denied pay you were entitled to, you can file a claim to recover your wages.

Your employment lawyer at Swartz Law is dedicated to helping workers get the fair treatment they deserve. Here are examples of employment claims our employment law firm handles:

  1. Discrimination
  2. Sexual harassment
  3. Unpaid wages and commissions
  4. Whistleblowing/retaliation
  5. Wrongful termination
  6. Non-compete agreements
  7. Tort or contract claims
  8. Disability or medical claims

Swartz law also handles business legal matters, such as helping businesses comply with state and federal regulations. We understand that starting a company is difficult, and you may need a little guidance to ensure you don’t run into legal trouble down the line. We can offer advice to businesses of all sizes and types. We are professionals and are devoted to client service and satisfaction.

The following are some examples of how we can help businesses with their legal issues:

  1. Business formation (incorporation, form an LLC, start a nonprofit)
  2. Corporate compliance
  3. Trademark registration
  4. Articles of dissolution
  5. Intellectual property protection
  6. Compliance with data security and privacy laws

Our law firm is committed to providing top-notch, cost-effective legal services designed to achieve your objectives and desired outcomes.

  • We can go to court for you, handle business paperwork and legal filings, help employees file claims, and protect your rights, no matter the circumstances.
  • We can offer you a free consultation, so you can get your questions answered without fear of an upfront fee.
  • Whether you are an employee looking for help with a claim or a business looking for assistance with legal paperwork, we want to help you make an informed decision about your legal matter and resolve any issues you may be having.
  • We practice law with the utmost professionalism and respect for our clients—We want to be your advocate in whatever legal matter you need assistance with.

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Sometimes litigation is necessary, but it’s not always the answer. We explore all options.

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We may be experts in the law, but you are the expert in your workplace.

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With 20 years of experience, you can trust in our knowledge and abilities.

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Excellent work. I sought advice on a somewhat complicated matter involving some peculiar people and places. Tara exceeded expectations by offering a balanced perspective and a logical framework to work within. Leaving me impressed with her work ethic and output.
Very helpful and knowledgeable
Thank you very much for the expert advice and counsel provided during a very difficult time…I would not hesitate to use them, or recommend you to anyone I know who needs this type of service.
Highly recommend
I want to thank you so much for your help, both legal and (for lack of a better term) emotional help during this separation negotiation. You have been extremely helpful, you listened, and you were highly strategic in dealing with an unusual cast of characters…Thank you very much.
Great support during a trying time
It truly has been a pleasure meeting you and working with you! Thank you so much for all of your help, professionalism, promptness, knowledge, courteousness and kindness during this trying time.
The right choice
Great experience with Tara. She was very easy to talk to and helped me translate the legal jargon contained in my agreement into simple terms, provided options pertaining to my legal rights and helped me negotiate a better deal. Although I hope to never personally go through this process again, I would certainly recommend Tara to anyone that does. I found her to be pleasant, knowledgeable and eager to help.
Great Experience